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Hosted PBX

A Hosted PBX is an Internet-based telephone system. It's the perfect fit for small businesses as well as fast growing multi-site organizations. This system is entirely different from a traditional phone system. The service is provided from our datacenter over a high-speed, high-bandwidth Internet connection. This allows for rapid deployment with no geographic boundaries. It gives you enterprise-level telephony features and options that, in the past, were reserved only for big businesses. This is a major benefit to your company in this highly competitive marketplace. Simply put, it levels the playing field.


Even better, you don't have to purchase a phone system to get started. Since your phone system is hosted, you're free from the hassles of phone system upgrades, new software installations and maintanance. Our Hosted Telephone Service has an abundance of different features so as your business grows, features and expansions can be easily added. It is now simplier than ever to add unified communications capabilities into your business while offering outstanding customer service. We do all of this for you, allowing you to do what you do your business.


All The Features You Expect 

  Direct Inward Dial (DID)


Single-Line Telephone Configurations


Key System Configurations


PBX Configurations


Conference Bridging


Find-Me Service


Custom Music-on-Hold




Polycom Phones

Hosted business-class telephone service is a perfect fit for fast-growing multiple site companies that need a quick response and rapid deployment with no geographic boundaries.

Key Benefits:


- Uses popular high-quality Polycom or Cisco telephones

- Extremely cost effective

- Service works over affordable broadband Internet access

- Conserves capital resources

- Low startup cost

- 30 day trial period

- Custom configurations

- Unlimited calling plans

- 800 number service

- 411 directory listing

- 911 service



- Turn up service within hours not days

- Excellent Disaster Recovery tool

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)


Silent Monitor Calls


Call Detail Reports/ACD Reports


Automated Attendant


Fax to Email


Voicemail to E-mail


Custom Call-Handling Configurations




Cisco Phones

Uses cost-effective SIP-based VoIP telephone services. We provide a custom configuration to meet your business telephone needs. Whether your employees are in the same location or around the globe, our business-class telephone service will work for your business.

Rapid custom provisioning and turn-up. After conducting an interview with your company, we custom design a solution

meant for your business needs.


Telephone numbers from any 7,500+ rate centers.

Regardless of where your business is located, we provide telephone numbers from almost any place in the US or



We maintain a large inventory of DID numbers.